Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday "Therapy"

i have to admit...this time of year and especially this week alone has been hectic and crazy busy.

every day my "to do" list is long...

i decided the other order to cope with this busy-ness i needed to sit down and therapy sew.

i was completely inspired by this new book by Rayna Gillman that came out...I LOVE THIS BOOK AND THE TECHNIQUES IT DESCRIBES...did it help for you to understand how much i love it by putting that in all caps ;)

the author describes how to 'therapy' sew all your lonely little scraps together to form blocks that are completely random, and not perfect...

i know for some this is a bizarre concept because for many years we have all spent a tremedous amount of hours perfecting our 1/4" and absolute perfect points.

here is what my 'therapy' looked like...

i had so much fun...i was able to use up a bunch of little scraps of fabric.  i don't know where i'll go from here.  maybe just make more squares and sew them into a quilt.  but for now these random little squares make me happy and now i can get back to all the things i have to get done before Christmas.

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  1. Hi, Janae. I just stumbled upon your blog and am enjoying your quilts and projects. I noticed you mentioned old stomping grounds of my mom (and occasionally me too). Salem is my hometown. Small world?
    Have a very happy holiday stitching season!
    best from Tunisia,


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