Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am excited to join PinkPostcard's Purse Party.

Here is my purse/backpack that I recently made.  The fun poka-dot is a vinyl which makes my bag waterproof and easily cleaned.

 Here is my trusty wallet...not too exciting, but it holds the essential cards and checkbook.

I carry some pens (not quite sure why there are 4 at the moment, because usually I can't even find one in my bag), a snack, and gum.

That's all for now...but I have to say my bag is usually much messier, but as of late I'm trying to keep it a bit more organized.


  1. Cute purse Janae! Don't you love that vinyl!! Is the purse a pattern that you designed?

  2. really cute!! I love it :) That would be great for the beach. Thanks for linking up to the purse party!!


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