Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why am I dressed for Halloween Already?

Extreme Home Makeover was in Salem, Oregon (my hometown) building a new building for our city's deaf school and redoing the Haunted House that was currently being used as a fund raiser for the school. So on the night of the unveiling of the Haunted House they said anyone who came in a costume could be an extra for the taping of the show. I arrived at the set at 6:15pm and at 9:15pm Ty Pennington had just come out to start taping. An organizer of the show then told us that we could possibly be there all night taping because they were a little behind schedule. So I made a tough desicion to go home rather than be up all night. I'm pretty sure I could have stuck in there, but I didn't think my daughter could - she was pretty tired. But I did get my picture in our local paper so that was fun.


  1. you guys look so cute!! I don't think I could have stuck it out either- but the picture in the paper is very cute too. :)

  2. ps i'm your newest follower (-:

  3. Very fun! Extreme Home Makeover was recently in my county too :) I have to figure out when it airs...


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