Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fabric Recycling

One of my most favorite things to do is take fabric that no one wants and turn it into something useful. It's a challenge I love to take on. So when someone gave me a big box of upholstery fabric samples I quickly got to work... I made 2 huge (100"x100") quilts that are now used as picnic and camping quilts. They're tied quilts with cotton batting and a flannel sheet for the backing. *Tip - Flannel sheets make great quilt backs. I buy them when they're on clearance at great prices. I also made the little hanging pillow dog out of a pattern I found. It's mouth is a zipper. I made a bunch last Christmas and put gift cards in their mouths. So in the end I won the challenge and wowed my friend who thought the fabric was just for throw away! I love it when I can prove them wrong.


  1. Pillow Hanging Dogs!!! fun!

  2. I have several boxes of upholstery fabric I would like to use like this but I was concerned about laundering them. Do you machine wash them? Most upholstery fabric isn't machine washable and it doesn't seem convenient to dry clean something like a picnic blanket that might need frequent cleanings.

    1. I am thinking the same thing! Still looking for ideas as a friend is offering upholstery samples to me. Great fabrics but concerned about laundering...


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