Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Diamond in the Rough

I found this little diamond in the rough at a garage sale and really wanted to get it, but decided I didn't need it...well, after a week I was kicking myself that I didn't buy it. Did I happen to mention the garage sale was 2 hours from my house... It just so happens I was going that direction again this week and happened upon the same house where the garage sale was and so I stopped to inquire if the sewing machine was still there. It was! I was really excited to be able to get it (at a much lower price than what it had been the week before) and brought it home. I was told it had only been used six times, but it is old and needs some TLC...I just have such a hard time passing up sewing machines - love the turquoise color.


  1. Awesome find!! And only used 6 times! You did exactly what I would do... go back to see if it was still there.

  2. Awesome! And your's isn't even broken like mine is!


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